Why Is Team Building Important?

Team building activities have come a long way from the trust falls of the 1970s. More and more, research and experience have proven team building strengthens key skills – among them: active listening, critical thinking, effective communication, dynamic collaboration, decision making and problem-solving. So we’re sharing our insights into different team building approaches and how they can help improve your employees’ interpersonal relationships, day-to-day productivity and, ultimately, their shared successes.

Playtime As Worktime

On the surface, team building games just look like pure fun – but by participating in these experiences, teams are forging bonds and making progress. Two of the top activities for groups at Lansdowne Resort come from our Creative Collaborations collection – Scavenger Hunt and Team Building Trivia. Both of these strategically designed programs ignite a healthy sense of competition while rewarding cooperation and can be customized to reinforce lessons or themes aligned with the goals of your gathering.

Wellness Infusions

As the exclusive destination partner to deliver the transformational experiences of wellness leader Dejia Harmony, guest and group well-being is at the center of everything we do. That’s why we offer team building exercises that are, in fact, exercise ­– because improved physical and mental health drives attendees’ personal and professional achievements. Popular activities from our Working Toward Wellness collection include the Nature Walk, Wine & Zen, Wellness Breaks and Fitness Classes.

Alfresco Accomplishments

Because time spent in green spaces has an overwhelmingly positive influence on overall wellness, team building outdoor activities are a favorite of groups that gather at our resort situated on 500 acres in the picturesque Potomac River Valley. Many of the team building experiences we offer across all collections can be hosted outside, including our Boat Float, Tennis & Pickleball and Charity Putt-Putt, among others.

Get Cooking

Of course, the weather doesn’t always cooperate for gatherings outside, so it’s critical to provide activities for team building indoors as well. While other resorts offer the expected step-by-step instruction following of team building cooking classes, Lansdowne offers a unique opportunity to turn up the heat of creative inspiration and whip up a healthy level of competitive spirit in a series of Culinary Competitions – any of which can be hosted indoors or outdoors.

Every team member will need to chip in as part of our Guac Off. Your attendees will feel like they’re on a high-stakes reality show with our Chef’s Mystery Basket. The competition could get extra spicy in our Chili Cook Off. Early risers can take the win during our Sunrise Chef. And team members will return home to be the hosts with the most when they participate in our newly added Charcuterie Class and Competition.

The planner from a corporate group that recently gathered at the resort shared this feedback: “The team culinary experience was one of the highlights of our conference. Our attendees enjoyed putting their leadership, collaborative and creative skills into action while enjoying some friendly competition with delicious end results. The event was well organized and the staff was both friendly and supportive. It was a memorable evening that brought everyone together for a great start to our meeting.”

Greater Good

When your team building challenges simultaneously fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, it’s a win-win-win situation – for your organization, your attendees and the beneficiaries of your charitable efforts. Our Philanthropic Projects collection includes Build a Bike and Build a Bear activities to support children in need as well as the earlier-mentioned Charity Putt-Putt experience.

Still have team building questions? Our expert event planners are happy to share even more insights – as well as work with you on team building ideas that can be customized to your group and goals. You can begin the conversation here.

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