Things To Do in Leesburg

Our location in Leesburg places you in convenient reach of everything there is to do throughout Northern Virginia. From relaxed wine, craft beer and cider tastings to pulse-pounding outdoor adventures, plus illuminating arts, cultural and historical experiences, you’re free to pursue your passions nearby.

Wineries and Vineyards

When you stay at Lansdowne Resort, you’ll find yourself in the heart of Virginia’s wine country with a host of wineries and vineyards to choose from for leisurely tours and tastings.

Breweries and Cideries

Loudoun County is home to an impressive roster of craft beer, micro-cider and mead producers. The only question is this: Where will you go to raise a glass during your stay with us?

Outdoor Adventure

When it comes to recreational activities in Leesburg and the surrounding area, the level of adventure runs from mild to wild.

Hiking and Biking

Interested in biking or hiking to get your heart rate up? We have the inside information on the top trails in the area to explore at your leisure and under your own power.

Historic Towns and Villages

Visitors come from far and wide to experience the historic towns of Loudoun County. If you have an affinity for the past, you will want to take a quaint stroll back through time in the surrounding local towns and villages.

Music and Arts

Within a short drive, you can enjoy fine arts and musical performances – plus even more show-stopping entertainment in and around greater Loudoun County.


Thanks to its rich and storied past, Leesburg and the surrounding area are home to an impressive collection of historical museums.


Whether you’re seeking an afternoon of downtown window browsing or you’re on the hunt for authentic Virginian antiques, your shopping oasis is never far away.

Top Tip: Your options for recreation and relaxation on the resort are just as endless – discover them all in our day-by-day events calendar.

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