The Quintessentials: Issue 2


When elite athletes like Tom Brady and Kevin Durant invest in pro sports, the public takes notice. But – surprise – they aren’t putting their money into football or basketball teams. They’re supporting Major League Pickleball (MLP) teams!

Over a one-year period, more than 36.5 million people picked up a paddle to try their hand at the game, undeniably making pickleball one of the fastest-growing sports around. So we’re sharing everything you need to know about it now.

The Game

You can think of pickleball as tennis-meets-badminton-meets-ping-pong. It’s played on a badminton-sized court (indoors or out) over a modified tennis net with oversized ping-pong style paddles and a plastic ball. It was originally invented by three dads (one a congressman) back in 1965, inspired by a mighty motivator – bored children.

The Basics

Played either as doubles or singles, the game begins with an underhand or drop serve aimed cross-court. Both the serve and first return shot must include a bounce. Continued play can include hitting bounced balls or striking them in the air. This back-and-forth volleying – known as a “rally” – ends when the ball double-bounces without a hit, goes out of bounds or hits the net. The serving player (or team) scores if they win the rally. If they lose, the ball goes to the opposing player (or team). We recommend this page to learn more playing and scoring specifics.

The Benefits

Because pickleball can be enjoyed by people of all ages and athletic abilities, it’s an ideal activity to bring family and friends together. Beyond the perk of bonding, here are three top health benefits to gain from the game:

  • Cardiovascular Fitness: Because pickleball is an aerobic exercise, your heart and lungs are getting a workout. One study from the American Council on Exercise found that VO2 max improved by approximately 12% while blood pressure dropped by five points (systolic) and three points (diastolic) in 40 – 85 year-olds who played a one-hour pickleball session three times a week for six weeks.

  • Increased Mobility: The more you move, the better your ability to move, especially amongst older individuals.

  • Improved Mental Health: The social aspect of the game combats feelings of loneliness which can lead to a higher risk of dementia, heart disease, stroke and depression.

When you’re ready to give this hot new game a try, Lansdowne Resort is here for you. Guests can enjoy complimentary access to our three dedicated pickleball courts between 6AM and 9PM daily. Call us at (703) 729-4095 during your next stay to reserve court time.


Welcome to a new season of Five Element Dining at Lansdowne Resort. Our Early Summer menu – available through July 21, 2023 –  is inspired by the Fire Element with its associated taste: Bitter. These heart-friendly foods will feature flavors that are light and mildly sour, not spicy or sweet. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bitter is good for regulating body temperature – a welcome benefit for summer’s hot days.

The colors you see as you gaze into a fire – specifically red, purple and pink – will also make an appearance on your plate. Fresh produce may include red cabbage, bitter melon, summer squash, purple sweet potatoes, cucumber, tomato, eggplant, mushrooms, red grapes, blood orange, grapefruit, berries, plums, peach, watermelon and honeydew.

Proteins lean more plant based, such as mung beans and azuki beans, while carbohydrates tend toward oats, millet and pearled barley. Herbs and flowers may include honey suckle, chrysanthemum, lotus leaf and seed as well as ginger, matcha, coriander, basil and marjoram.

A favorite selection on our Early Summer Menu is a simple stir fry with mung bean noodles, ginger, basil, red cabbage, shitake mushrooms and seasonal squashes in a light vegetable broth. Many of our guests compliment this meal with a pan seared local fish, such as Carolina Snapper or Atlantic Rockfish.

Ready to dig into Early Summer? Make your Piedmont’s dining reservations online or by calling 703-728-1261.


Golf is a unique sport that requires a combination of fitness, skill and focus. However, like any other physical activity, it comes with a risk of injury. Players often overlook the importance of prevention and recovery efforts, even though an injury can negatively impact their performance or cut the season short.

That’s why our pros recommend that golfers engage in exercises that improve their core strength, balance and flexibility. These are all essential to maintaining proper biomechanics, which, in turn, can help prevent common golf-related injuries such as lower back pain and joint and muscle strains.

Core Strength

Our core muscles are responsible for maintaining stability throughout the golf swing and preventing excessive movement in the lower back. Players should perform exercises – such as planks, bird dogs and bridges – that strengthen the deep muscles of the abdomen and back.


We also advise including stretching exercises that focus on the hips, hamstrings and shoulders to increase your range of motion and reduce the risk of strains or other injuries. Yoga and Tai Chi can also be helpful in improving flexibility, balance and overall well-being.


Players should incorporate simple exercises that challenge their balance – such as single-leg standing – to strengthen their stability and reduce the risk of falls or other injuries. Pilates can also be beneficial for improving balance, as it requires controlled movements and engagement of the core muscles.

Before designing a golf-inspired workout regimen, players can visit The Lansdowne Golf Academy for an assessment. Using the academy’s GEARS golf system, which employs state-of-the-art technology to analyze your swing, our pros can provide valuable feedback on your biomechanics and areas that need improvement. This assessment is also useful in helping to identify potential sources of injury, which can then be addressed and prevented through targeted exercises.

In addition to pre-round injury prevention, player health and well-being can also be cared for post-round. Our pros recommend Spa Minérale’s  Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage with the CBD Bliss Enhancement to keep your muscles loose and relaxed after a full day of play. 


When most people hear “skincare” they envision facial treatments and products – but it’s time to expand your thinking because 2023 marks the year of the body care boom. And the trend goes well beyond scrubs, washes and lotions to therapies and regimens that are designed to treat, brighten, tone and firm every inch of skin below your sternum.

New Product Types

You can take a good, long look in a full-length mirror and decide if you need the latest in body care products that didn’t even exist a few years ago. Think: derrière sheet masks, breast creams, body acne sprays and enriched full-body serums, creams and oils. Your next step? Check online reviews to determine if the results users are reporting are worth the investment.

Body Treatments

Over the past six months, our skin has been through it. First the cold weather and harsh indoor heat of winter stripping its natural moisture and now – newly bared to the elements – the damaging UV rays of the sun. The full line of nourishing Body Treatments in Spa Minérale generally includes exfoliation through a dry brush or body scrub method, which removes dead skin cells and opens the pores to allow better absorption of the moisturizers in the steps to follow. In addition to improving the skin’s appearance, these exfoliation treatments also help to enhance blood circulation.

Body Rituals

For relaxation, exfoliation and hydration, our spa professionals recommend The Stone Crop Revitalizing Wrap and Massage. This 80-minute therapy begins with a full-body polish made from sugars and salts to remove impurities and reveal soft, smooth skin. Then a hydrating wrap is applied to reduce water retention, allowing the skin to absorb nutrients more effectively and promote overall rejuvenation. The experience concludes with a restorative massage to stimulate circulation, release serotonin, promote cell regeneration and activate your lymphatic system for improved well-being.

Below Skin Deep

A curated collection of Wellness Bodywork is also offered at Spa Minérale. Drawing on thousands of years of Eastern wisdom, these therapies work hard to positively impact your overall health and body function. For those new to this type of spa treatment, our highly trained professionals recommend the Oriental Bodywork Sampling. Over the 50-minute session, your therapist will incorporate the studied techniques of Tuina, Shiatsu, Anma, Table Thai, Cupping and Gua Sha to provide general wellness and deep relaxation.

When you’re ready to give your body the care it so richly deserves, reserve the transformational treatment of your choosing at Spa Minérale.


Lansdowne Resort is the coolest place to escape to all summer long. Enjoy chic poolside relaxation and refreshments – you can even upgrade the experience with a private cabana rental. Fanny’s Garden brings the beat with live music every Friday night. And our Independence Day Weekend festivities stay red, white and true to you. Quintessential Tip: Our nation’s birthday is a popular time to book a stay at the resort. Make your reservations early!

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